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Patent Searches & Technical Research Made Easy

A patent search can take up a lot of time and money. Leave it to the experts at MDP Research Inc., so that you can stay focused on running your business. We offer a wide range of research services to companies all around the world.

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Solving Problems

Having the right information at the right time makes everything fall into place. We help companies solve challenges faced during all stages of innovation — from the concept to the finished product. With our service, you can:

• Increase Productivity by Outsourcing Search Requests
• Decrease R&D Project Risk with Comprehensive Searches of Prior Art
• Uncover Relevant Patent & Non-Patent Information When Faced with Patent Litigation
• Monitor Your Competition & Market Space with Customized Alerts

Highly Trained Specialists

Choose a company with the expertise and experience you need. We gather, understand, and process the information that's necessary to fulfill your requests on time and within your budget. Our highly trained technical research professionals understand the arts of patent search, literature review, and competitive intelligence gathering. We also specialize in market data searching to help you make the right decisions and give you a competitive edge. Our specialties include:

• Product & Technology Development
• Competitive Analysis
• Identification of Emerging Technologies & Opportunities
• Intellectual Property Strategies
• Compliance Services

Comprehensive Searches

Our team members dig deep, drawing on their subject-matter expertise and employing the best strategies and technologies to efficiently uncover the information you need. Each search report points out how the results relate to your search goals. You'll receive a search history detailing the databases, classes, and keywords used in the search.

Areas of Expertise:

MDP Research Inc. tailors our services to meet your specific needs. Our areas of expertise include:

Advanced Materials • Aerospace Engineering • Alternative Energy Sources • Biotechnology • Business Intelligence • Chemical Engineering • Chemistry • Environmental Science • Food Science • Hydrocarbons • Life Sciences • Mechanical Engineering


MDP Research is always looking for experienced engineers, scientists, and patent agents. We are seeking individuals who are self-starting, deadline-disciplined, enthusiastic, and up-to-date in their areas of expertise.


MDP Research is not a law firm and does not practice law, but we maintain confidentiality using the same procedures and diligence as a law firm. Our clients turn to us for their most sensitive research and development needs.