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MDP Research searches a range of resources designed to lighten your research burden and help you manage the challenges in your environment.

Our research professionals will ensure you get complete, accurate information to fulfill your research needs. We understand the art of patent, literature, competitive intelligence and market data searching and possess the knowledge necessary to fulfill your requests, on time and within budget.

With MDP Research, you can:

  1. Increase productivity by outsourcing search requests.

  2. Decrease R&D project risk with comprehensive prior art searching.

  3. Uncover relevant patent and non-patent information when faced with patent litigation.

  4. Monitor your competition and market space with a customized alert.

  5. Bring products to market more quickly using the USPTO 'Accelerated Examination' program.

The Research Behind Your Next Big Idea

Cost-Effective Patent and Technical Research

MDP Research helps companies solve various challenges faced during all stages of innovation, from concept to product. 

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